Elizabeth Rose keeps you company weekdays from 2pm – 7pm !

Elizabeth has been a part of the Northern Nevada radio landscape for over 20 years.  She’s done everything from classic rock to news talk.  When Easy 104.1 flipped the switch they knew they wanted Elizabeth as part of the team.  Her friendly and funny approach make your afternoons EASY.

When she’s not playing all your favorite songs, Elizabeth is spending time with her cats, enjoying Reno’s many great eateries, or taking advantage of all the great activities the area has to offer.

Elizabeth is passionate about animal rights and veteran’s issues and donates her time to both those causes frequently. 

When you’re not listening to Easy 104.1 what kind of music do you like?

It looks like at least 10 people live in my house when someone looks at my music collection. Everything from Irish and other world music, classical, big band, country, rock and pop from the 40s up to current!

Where’s the best place you’ve ever vacationed?

Puerto Rico. High of 85, low of 75 year round!

Best and worst concert you’ve ever attended?

The best was Willie Nelson at the Peppermill, where he played for two and half hours when Merle Haggard became ill at the last minute. The worst? I go to karaoke, so I am pretty tolerant.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My nearly 40 years in this crazy radio business!

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 

Did Dave write these questions?